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Leybold Office
VABS Hamilton
21B Kaimiro Street
Pukete 3200
Hamilton, NZ

(027) 859 2428 (Paul)
(027) 211 7202 (Vlad)

  • Personnel

    Paul Vickers

    Paul is the original vacuum guru, with a wealth of experience dating to 1987 from NZ's first vacuum pump and blower specialist provider, Dynavac. Paul is now a high vacuum system and leak-testing specialist, having a strong industrial vacuum and general mechanical background.

    Harry Vickers

    The Waikato vacuum apprentice with two years experience and a level 3 certificate in mechanical engineering. In a relatively short time Harry has become a whiz with many vacuum and low pressure blowing technologies and is as comfortable leak testing vessels on site as he his overhauling a scroll or multi-claw vacuum pump in our workshop.

    Vlad Copocean

    Vlad is our ace industrial vacuum and low pressure application trouble-shooter and site service specialist. Having 10 years experience in applications ranging from milk pneumatic conveying, meat packaging and freeze drying, Vlad is the man to ask if you have a suction or blowing issue.